Paint with Mural Artist, Joan Bourque

Indoors or outdoors, students work through the process of brainstorming ideas, designing a layout, researching images, drawing and painting a mural for their school or community.  Themes can be environmental, school pride, friendship or futuristic. This is a great experience in group expression, activity and organization.
Ocean Murals - by students who have been studying the ocean.
Peace Murals - student murals in response to Sept. 11.

Joan's favorite subject is the ocean. Plan an OCEAN WEEK, or an OCEAN ADVENTURE, or learn more about the ocean by reading Dreams of Dolphins Dancing.

Dreams of Dolphins Dancing:
Children's book, written and illustrated by Joan Bourque.

More about Mural Projects with Joan:
Learn more about Joan Bourque. Discover how to have an Artist in Residence at your school. Meet other Artists in the Classroom in the city of Sedona, Arizona.

How to partner with Joan: Plan to have a mural painting project with your school or community.